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for ProcessRobot and WinAutomation

WinAutomation Version 9 is here!


New Licensing

  • Licensing shifts from perpetual to annual subscription
  • The license expiration date is added in the “Options & License” Tab of the WinAutomation Console

General New Features

  • Global Concurrency Policy can now be set
  • New Triggers added:
    • Exchange Email Monitor, Database Monitor, Performance Counter
  • Recurring Schedules can be assigned a Start and Expiration date & time


  • Concurrency Policy sub-tab added to the Console Options Tab

Process Designer

  • The option to remove all breakpoints in a Process has been added
  • Controls in the Controls Repository can now be sorted

New Actions

  • Run Python Script Action enables Users to execute Python scripts
  • Cryptography Action group enables the encrypting, decrypting and hashing of data and files
  • CaptureFast Action group provides integration with the cloud-based data capturing platform CaptureFast
  • CyberArk Action group offers integration with the CyberArk secure password vault platform
  • Cognitive Action group enables integration with Cognitive functions provided by Google, IBM and Microsoft
  • Terminal Emulation Action group allows interaction with legacy terminals

Improvements & Corrections

  • Adjusted width size in the Custom Dialog designed to show all the required information
  • Email triggers can now retrieve the password from the Command Line
  • User Agent no longer fails to connect when Authentication options are missing
  • Improved capturing and use of Pager elements in Google Chrome
  • The “Include Subfolders” option when synchronizing files on SFTP Servers now works as expected
  • “Find Usages” in the Process Designer is no longer case sensitive
  • Improvements in UI and Web Automation
  • The Table Extraction Preview no longer omits the first row when an entire HTML Table is extracted
  • Improved performance in workstations where Java is not installed
  • Restarting the WinAutomation Server no longer causes an error in Autologin using Command Line
  • Information window no longer pops up when the cursor does not hover over the WinAutomation tray icon
  • Using Mouse and Keyboard Actions in compiled Processes no longer causes an error
  • Improved the performance of UI Controls in compiled Processes

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