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for ProcessRobot and WinAutomation

ProcessRobot version 2019.1 is here!


General new features

  • New Triggers added: Exchange Email Monitor, Database Monitor, Performance Counter
  • Custom User and Machine Authentication is now supported
  • It is now possible to host multiple SoloBots on a single machine
  • A single installation file is used for all ProcessRobot components

New Actions

  • Cryptography group of Actions enables the encrypting, decrypting and hashing of data and files
  • CaptureFast group of Actions provides integration with the cloud-based data capturing platform
  • CyberArk group of Actions offers integration with the CyberArk secure password vault platform
  • Enate group of Actions provides integration with the Enate service orchestration platform

Process Designer

  • Added the option to remove all breakpoints in a Process
  • Controls in the Controls Repository can now be sorted

Corrections and Improvements

  • Credentials in the Credential Manager can now be assigned different values based on the Process Lifecycle
  • Security options regarding User permissions added to Credentials in the Credential Manager, User Libraries folders and Dashboards
  • Recurring Schedules can be assigned a Start and Expiration date & time
  • Added options for managing Process Versions in Version History
  • Corrected sorting by Timestamp in Process Version History
  • File Monitor Trigger no longer displays errors when deployed to SideBots
  • Improved capturing and use of Pager elements in Google Chrome
  • The Table Extraction Preview no longer omits the first row when an entire HTML Table is extracted
  • Using NT Credentials during SoloBot Autologin no longer produces errors
  • Actions inside a Switch block now correctly display an error message when not in a Case block
  • Renaming previously undefined variables no longer causes an error
  • The "Retrieve Emails" Action can now be configured to only retrieve Read emails
  • Simultaneously importing multiple Licenses no longer causes an error
  • The "Include Subfolders" option when synchronizing files on SFTP Servers now works as expected
  • SoloBots can now use another User's credentials to execute a Process without errors
  • HTTP PATCH Method added to "Invoke Web Service" Action
  • Information window no longer pops up when the cursor does not hover over the ProcessRobot tray icon
  • Improved performance in workstations where Java is not installed
  • Using the same Function name in a User Library and a Process that uses it no longer produces an error
  • "Occurrence" property added to the "Move Mouse to Image" Action
  • "Find Usages" in the Process Designer is no longer case sensitive
  • Improvements in UI and Web Automation
  • Selector Builder can now be maximized
  • Improved SAP Controls
  • Improved performance in deleting large Processes and Folders

Please contact your account manager to get more information and the download links!  

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