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3rd Party API

Including Cognitive, CyberArc, and etc, there are lots of 3rd party applications that can be used within Process. But there is no sufficient information regarding each APIs and how to use them. So, following suggestions can be considered:

1. Put all of the 3rd party APIs into one folder. 

Currently a little confusing about which is inherently usable and which needs external API keys. If they are to be separated by each category, then maybe they can be placed in both folders: one for their appropriate category folder and another for 3rd party group folder. 

2. Information not provided, which makes it hard for users to try.

Once incorporated within Softomotive, they are now a part of Softomotive solution and there is not much support and information regarding those APIs from Softomotive. So, those suggestions can be considered.

- Detailed Documentation of What it is and When to use it and How to use it.

- Demonstration of How to buy the 3rd party API services and how to incorporate into a process. 

- Support contact point email to be provided for each APIs. Links to proper information. Currently support is not provided with regarding 3rd party APIs from Softomotive and it is also hard to contact each API providers and get support from them. Sometimes they just ignore any emails. At this point, I don't know the point of showing them within WinAutomation software. It is said new features are added but is unlikely to make the features a reality. 

Like All other actions of WinAutomation, please make 3rd party apps (actions) readily usable to the same or similar point of readiness.


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Hello Daniel,

Thank you for your suggestions.

Kindly note that we have forwarded them to the appropriate departments for evaluation.

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