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Disabling Auto-reply Email with the Title of "Ticket Received -"

I love to throw questions (sorry, support team!). 

I love to receive emails of answers from the Softomotive support team. 

I love to collect answering emails from the Softomotive support team.

But, there is a little hassle. Every time I ask a question, an email with the following title comes to my inbox and I have to delete it manually (poor me!) because they come from the same email account with which the team uses to answer me!

"Ticket Received - 'WHAT I ASKED' "

I know it is needed to give notice to customers but to a person like me who already knows that the team is working on it and is going to reply soon, it is an unwanted feature.

So, I want to suggest that there is a checkbox in the ticket-submission page like below with some name like "I do not want to receive automatic ticket-submission confirmation email." 



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Hello Daniel,


Thank you for your feedback.


Please note that your suggestion has been forwarded to the appropriate department to be taken into consideration.

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