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for ProcessRobot and WinAutomation

New WinAutomation build - Version 8.0.5


Improvements & Corrections:

  • Improved functionality of UI Selectors in Processes that have been compiled as executables.
  • Improved ability to migrate Processes from version 6.0.7.
  • Improved performance of Console for environments where Java is not installed.
  • Improved functionality of synchronizing FTP directories over secure FTP connections.
  • Improved ability to set a value to the Variable that holds the results of the "Display Custom Dialog" Action.
  • Issues with including Mouse and Keyboard Actions in Processes compiled as executables have been resolved.
  • Improved ability of the "Find Usages" feature to reliably perform case insensitive searches.
  • Issue with Autologin via Command Line not working as expected on Server restart has been resolved.
  • Issues with "Launch New Chrome" Action not working as expected when the browser was already launched for some time have been resolved.