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Error: Failed to get Window (outside of process Designer)


I have an issue when running .exe of a process. When running process in process designer it works fine, but when running it as an .exe file, I get an error:  Failed to get Window. The application that my robot is trying to manipulate is symantec VIP access.

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To be precise, Bot is trying to interact with an UI window, and fails to do so. With any UI window I get an error "Failed to get Window". Issue happens only with .exe file of the bot. In process designer no error occurs. Could you please provide any insight on this?


Hope it will be useful yet... I had same problem... Few month ago I made a automation and this week I need to do some maintenance, my old .exe particialy work but a new one doesnt. After few hours and many tries I updated the .Net Framework and the new .exe starts work...


Hello all, there was an issue with a previous version of the software where we encountered this issue.

It is now resolved and the executables should be working fine.

Hi Peter,

Can you tell me the version number?? I am using WA and that issue continued to happen in other parts of the process... With the number I wil contact my Automation COE to know if we have a more updated version...

I am getting a "Source: cannot be null" at "Wait for Windows Content" action in a xbap application... I tried many thing but I dont know how to solve it.


Hello Anderson,

I would suggest you to request for WA and check if the issue persists.


I am running into the same issue and have version

Can anyone please advise how they were able to solve this issue? 

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I' m with the same problem.... Please help us!

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