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Variable with Looping

Scenario :

Set variable :

1. Set Value: abc  Into variable : %Output1%

2. Set Value: xyz  Into variable : %Output2%

3. Set Value: mnl  Into variable : %Output3%

4. Set Value: opq  Into variable : %Output4%

5. Set Value: iop   Into variable : %Output5%

Next, I use looping function Loop 1 - 5 , increase by 1 %Loop%

Question : How do  get the variable name with combination of set of variable and looping function? So that the same steps can repetitive by using function looping.

Tried few with error , example : 

%Output%Loop%%,  %Output[Loop]%, %Output(Loop)%,

Any expert here can share the tips?

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You can create list variable (which is a one dimensional array) as follows:

Create New List %Output%

Add Abc to List  %Output%

Abd def  to List %Output%

For Each %CurrentItem% in List %Output%

  Display MsgBox %CurrentItem%

End Loop

You can only create one dimensional array yourself. Two dimensional arrays (datatable) can only be created by read from excel action, extract from web action, read csv file into datatable action, or exec sql action.

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