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Issue with Web Automation

We are facing some issues in deploying certain functionalities of the process bot. Given below are the details: We are trying to populate a web form from an excel datasheet with multiple rows. The challenge that we are facing is that after modifying the selectors to make them generic (using “starts with” or even an asterisk (*) to make the selector dynamic), the code just runs for a single iteration. However, when we try to run the second iteration (to populate the second row from the excel sheet), the Process Bot gets stuck on an already run process step. Please note that the Bot does not throw any error or exception, it quite simply gets stalled on a step which has already been executed. We have seen it to be idle for as long as 15-20 minutes on the same process step, without giving any error, or moving to the next step. Please can anyone suggest a workaround for this problem?
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Not easy to help without taking a look the bot actions and target website. Maybe you could start debugging step by step to see where it gets stuck. Check the website response times to wait for a full page load, doing a debug (that usually is slow you can detect this).

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