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Double click option on "Press Button on Web Page"

A option inside "Press Button on Web Page" to make it do double and right click on web page elements.

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Hello Anderson,

Thank you for your interest in our Software.

Kindly note that Web Actions are non-interactive action running scripts on the browser.

On the other hand, double and right-click are interactive actions that require the physical mouse.

For this case, we have the physical mouse click action.

In order to make it function dynamically on a web element based on the control, please follow this article.

I hope the above proves to be helpful.

Hi Emmanuel,

This action should be simplified, not every person remember increase coordinate and waelementcentercoords.

In my case waelementcentercoords does not bring the real position of the element, its a dynamic page, with iframes and am I not expert in javascript to do it using javascript. I am using waelementcentercoords but with increase in X or Y I dont remember but if a user use zoom in browser does not work...

About waelementcentercoords, is there a documentation or anything where we can find that kind of secrets???


Hello Anderson, 

A reminder that since all web actions are using javascript queries in the web browser console, the results/outcome of these queries cannot take into account the state of the browser window or the zoom your browser is using. That's the reason you should be using 100% zoom and add the X Y of the browser instance into the coordinates of the element, not to mention that the browser should be visible and focused. In the case of iframes, please refer to more solutions related to them as they require special handling.

waelementcentercoords is not currently in any other documentation except in the above article. It's a custom attribute added while loading Javascript libraries to extract the location of an element easier than writing Javascript in 'Execute Javascript Function on Web Page'. Our team will keep adding tips & tricks on development over time so please watch these solutions.

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