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Identy element on window

We have popup window(Dom container) where we have to click on specific element so we used Press button on window & Click element on window both worked UAT env but when i try it on production it failed.. After investigating i found that i captured tge element by taking window and in production it comes under pane so i dont know if tgis is the reason for failure. Can we make click on element wheather it comes on pane or window.. Can we make it dynamic..

The element of a set of numbers that when combined with another number in a particular operation leaves that number unchanged. When I was working on it I was getting a text written as MS Office 2013 error 0x4004f00d . And i fixed it by my own, through some easy steps, if you want to know that just have a check. 

Hello Ashish,

Regarding this issue, please keep in mind that when you are testing a process, it is using the debugger (which is a development helping tool) which slows down the process execution. Whn in production the process goes away faster which might cause such issues. To resolves this a Wait action might be useful. As a second suggestion, I would say that you can modify your control to contain two different selectors, one for the window and one for the pane, resulting the control to use the proper selector on both instances. If the above suggestions didn't solve your issue, then please contact our support department by sending an email to so we can take a further and more detailed look into this in order to provide a more efficient solution.

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