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Scan a specific region of the web page


I am looking to search for an element in a specific region of the web page, not the entire page, but just half of the visible web page. Is there any way to identify the same? The If web Page Contains action scans the entire web page, and doesnt seem to have the option of searching just a specific region. Does anyone have any ideas?



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Hello Guarav,

Kindly note that the If Web Page Contains action needs to use a control for which the action will then search within the Web Page content. What you can do is use the If Image action (which can be set to search within a specific region of the screen), or the Get Details of Element of Web Page and on advanced tab set it to search if Element Exists. In case the above suggestion don't provide an efficient workaround on your scenario, please open a support ticket by sending an email to so we can take a more detailed look in this issue and assist you further.

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