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Get List Of Variable Names & Values in a Process

I can get a list of all Variable Names and their current Values in a Process by:

Selecting an entry from the Variables Pane in Process Designer 

Select All Ctrl A

Copy Ctrl C

Paste Ctrl V into a text file.

Is there any way to automate this from within the Process so the above is an output?


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Would also be a very useful option in Error Handling, for debugging unattended processes.

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Also it is not possible to get a Select All selection in the variables manager. There is no search there either so in order to find your persistent variables you have to

1. Click on Tools

2. Open the Variables Manager

3. Expand the Window from a corner

4. Expand the Names column, being careful not to expand other columns too much in case you lose sight of the Persistent Column

5. Scroll down until you find the Variable you are looking for.

6. Then you can see if its persistent or not

It would be great if the columns could be re-ordered, there was a search function and you could have the info in this window as an output somehow. In fact search would be great within functions, repositories and errors too.

Also if clicking on any column header in the Variables Manager could order things would be super helpful. So I could just click on Persistent and all persistent variables come to the top or go to the bottom.


Regarding retrieving the Variables Names & Values and writing them into a text file, unfortunately there is no direct way to automate this, since WinAutomation cannot self-automate its own Window with its own actions. 

What you could do however, as a workaround would be to add the variables Names and their Values that you wish to retain into a two lists and write them in a Text or Excel file. 

In any case this seems like a good suggestion to be considered adding as a feature in future WinAutomation or ProcessRobot releases.  For future reference, please note that this can be submitted in the Feature Requests category of the forums.

Hope this helps.

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