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ProcessRobot E-mail notification

By using error handling, one can receive notification (via email) when a process fails but not when the process cant start (before start running), Like this warning: Process 'International Conflict Check' completed with result: Process Terminated because it reached its expire time after Robot disconnected from server. 
 Is it possible to get a email  notification when the process couldn’t start?

- This post was created by the Softomotive Support Team. Thank you Thomas Moilanen for the suggestion!

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I wanted to do the same thing that, when the robot will start, a notification will send to the mail. I tried to do that but failed every time. Then suddenly an unexpected error occurred in my mail id and I couldn't log in to my mail. I have AOL mail id and I searched many websites for a solution, and at last, found the solution and solved the AOL mail error. But after that, the failed notification couldn't be sent to the mail. I can't understand how to solve it. Can anybody tell me what to do now? 

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