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Referencing Groups in Regex matches

When referencing groups in regex matches. There is no way in Win Automation to reference the values in the different parentheses directly from a single action.

For example: We have the variable with the value: "Hello Softomotive" and the regex expression: "(Hello )(.*)"

Using a Regex action (for example Parse Text) we store the results in the variable Matches

In UiPath and other software I can reference the value in the first parenthesis by typing Matches(0).Groups(1).value. This would give me "Hello "
Using Matches(0).Groups(2).Value would give me "Softomotive"

This post was created by the Softomotive Support Team. Thank you Thomas Hviid Petersen for the suggestion!”

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Winautomation uses .net regex engine, what you wish to di is is regex backrefetence syntax, where token \1 for first capture group ... 1st group within ( ) and \2 ... for 2nd Capture group within ( ) ...etc
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