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Add variable as offset (Random number)

In the move mouse to image, id like the ability to move the mouse to the image with the offset set as a variable

So i can generate 1-100 in both x/y and use them as variables

I believe there's a Generate Random Number action.

Yes but it can not be used as an offset in the action "move mouse to image" sadly

I see.

Guess you can just use Move Mouse with the offsets afterwards, then? 路‍♀️


You can use move mouse image to have it move to am image in an X,y subregion of the screen and the X.Y subregion of the screen can be variables.  These options will appear when you change the drop down to search a subregion of the screen.

Is this what your aiming to do?

I'm looking to move the mouse dynamically each time it moves to the image

Let's say I have a picture of a cup.
I want to move the mouse to the cup, while also having a random X/Y offset each time

This is extremely important would be super useful to me!

Also moving the mouse after the action isn't optimal, or human-like for what I'm trying to achieve
Just having the option to use a variable as an offset would be a lifesaver!
Like so

Ahh, underdatnd now, that feature does not exist because there is no variable option for the offset fields. Your only option currently is to follower the "move mouse image" with a plain "move mouse action" with option (move from current position) to X, Y which has varaible options and random action to generate random coordinates for your x,y variables.

Looks like you can output the image coordinates from the Wait for Image.

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True good point that's actually a great feature, didn't even realize it existed, thanks henrik


Hello all, 

Thank you all for your contribution!

Alec, may I ask you if you found that you are looking for?

It does work just with extra functions

In the future I would still like to see this implemented if it isn't too hard!


Hello Alec,

Thank you for your feedback.

Please note that we have forwarded your suggestion to the appropriate department and it will be taken into consideration for future releases of our Software.

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