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Press Button on Web Page vs Click Link on Web Page

Hello I am developing for 2 years with ProcessRobot only. 

I use both functions when I click on a web page button or when I need to do so. 

But still I don't know the difference between the two features. 

There is no issue with each other. Did you know the difference in functionality? 

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Hello Jihun Kim,

The main difference between the Click Link on Web Page vs the Press Button on Web Page is in the scope of each action's way of interacting with a website's elements.

For example, the Click Link on Web Page action finds in general any element containing an HTML <a> Tag whereas the press button on webpage mainly looks for a web element containing the button type attribute (such as the common button types (button|submit|reset etc.)). In most cases, both actions will have the same results and can be used in place of each other, though there are cases where only the one of the two can be used.

Hope this helps.

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