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How can i increment a time in loop

Like custom time and date is 10/12/2019 03:00:00 pm 

print time with 15 plus 


 03:00:00 pm 

 03:15:00 pm 

 03:30:00 pm 

 03:45:00 pm 

 04:00:00 pm 

and go on??

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Get current datetime action, store into %currentdatetime%

Loop  from 1 to 10 .... (if you wish to stop after 10 times, for example) 

  Add datetime action on %currentdatetime" add 15 minutes

Store into %New_Datetime%

 Convert Datetime to Text action

    - use dropdown options to format as you wish

    - store output into %FormattedDateTime%

Print %FormattedDateTime%

End loop

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