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Variable-Related Feature request

1.Could you please request this feature of searching for a variable within the variable popup within each action?
As you know, when a process gets complicated, there are a ton of variables and it is hard to get one that I want instantly. I need to scroll down long. 
2. And if I can group the variables in the variable pane and can view in a "tree menu", it will be much convenient to control variables because I can more quickly find the one that I want.  


- This post was created by the Softomotive Support Team. Thank you Daniel for the suggestion!

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Daniel, your suggestions are really handy. 

Regarding your first point, you may find useful to press "Shift+%" and then the letter that the variable you wish to search begins with. 

By doing so, the visible part of the variables window will start with variable names starting with the letter you pressed last.

Thank you!

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