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API Endpoints

I'm testing Winautomation's ability to become some form of master middleware managing API's.  I have no experience of programming nor APIs, yet last weekend I managed to connect to an API of a piece of software I use to request and send data from and to it - Amazing!- for me it is anyway... so well done Winautomation!

This leads me on to my question.  As I understand it (I'm still learning), there are situations where the API of the software I'm using will make a call to an endpoint that it expects to exist....  Is it possible to receive this sort of request? I suppose as some form of trigger maybe?   

To make the outbound API calls I have used the Invoke Web Service function.  I suppose what I'm looking for is something that works in the opposite way.

Any advice would be most appreciated!

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Looking into it further I think what I need is to use an HTTP server to trigger Winautomation in some way.. if it helps clarify my question!

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