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Add multiple items into a list

It will be good if this can be done or there is another action named Add Multiple Items to List. Otherwise, sometimes code gets longer because of using multiple times of this "Add Item to List". 

- "This post was created by the Softomotive Support Team. Thank you Daniel for the suggestion!”


Good idea, Daniel.
Or when you create a new list, you have the opportunity to predefine the content - fx. viewing it as a vertical list/table, where one can type the content for each row.

Thank you for your reply, Nicolai.

By the way, could you please show me some screenshots about where I can follow your instructions when I create a new list as below? Thank you!


Hi Daniel

My comment was an elaboration on your good idea. It's not a possibility now, but I think Softomotive could look into it.


I see. If what you meant was about creating a datatable with an action, I heard several days ago that it was under implementation and would be included in the next release!


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