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Redundancy for Single machine Automation - Execution Target dynamically

System needs to have redundancy for automation that needs to be ran on only 1 machine when it kicks off. Currently the system configuration requires the execution policy execution target to be set at Robot and the Robots to be set to a specific machine as in the attachment. The problem with this situation is that if the machine were to go down for any reason, there would not be a manner of the automation to run as it is only associated to one machine.

Currently an administrator would need to go into the application and change the execution policy and the schedule to another machine manually for the automation to run, which would mean that the automation would fail until the manual change was completed. 

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Hello Raymond,

The "Execution Target" could also be a Robot Pool instead of just a Robot, This way, if a Robot is down, another one will run the Process.

Have you considered this option?

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