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New Action that clears Browser's Cache

Chrome like to remain logged in, even after the browser is closed.  Recently, the setting in Chrome to clear cache automatically on exit was removed.

Hi Karl,

This option does not working ?



Hi Karl,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

In regard to your query please note that, when you use "Launch New Chrome" or "Launch New Firefox" action, and select Advanced Tab, you get an option to Clear Cache as well as Cookies by selecting the appropriate check boxes.

By selecting these check boxes, the cache and cookies will automatically be cleared for the respective browser which you are using.

Please find the screenshots below:

Please revert back to us for further queries.

The above mentioned options does not work in internet explorer
(at least clear cookies doesn't)

It does not work with chrome as well. Are there any requirements in terms of chrome version? What other options are available to clear cache and cookies reliably?

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