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Multi Text OCR Actions

If there are 3 different possibilities of what will happen on a website, and you need to use OCR to identify which one of the 3 occurred, you may have 3 "Wait for Text on Screen (OCR)" actions lined up, one after the other.  To account for occasional website slowness, you might need to set each OCR action to wait for up to 30 seconds (might take that long for the desired text to appear on the screen for a slow website).  

Under this scenario will will take at least one minute to get to the third OCR check.

It would be helpful to an OCR action that can look for more than one piece of text at the same time, and perform different actions based on when each one is found.  

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Hello Karl, thank you for your recommendation. 

Let me have this passed on as a feature request to our product team, which will evaluate and prioritize the request accordingly.

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