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Different approach to embed a picture into a mail

I was told that if you want to embed a picture into a mail you should use a vb script.


The above approach works, but I was wondering if there where other ways to do it.


I found another way to do it, by using the certutil command from windows.

1)  Certutil -encode robot.jpg robot.txt

2)Insert <img src="data:image/jpeg;base64, into the mail

3) copy the tekst for robot.txt excluding the first and last line (begin/end certificate)

4) Insert "> just after the copied text.

This will imbed a picture into your html mail.

Maybe not the smartest way of doing it, but another way 8-)

My robots use it as a signature (a smaller picture)

(384 KB)
(20 KB)
(80.3 KB)

Hi Torben,

Firstly, Thank you so much for sharing this process.

I have tried with a PNG image file and after encoding using the above-mentioned process, the image is not being displayed in the outlook email body. Please refer the below screenshot, I have attached the image file and converted file along with this. I'm able to see the image with your shared embed code (robot image). But I'm getting trouble with this image. Please try it once from your me with where exactly i"m doing wrong. Thank you so much in advance.



Sorry..I forgot to add the image in my previous comment 

Hi, I tried this method it works fine, but if the image is more than 500KB it can't be display in the email

. It will shown as below. Any way can solve this issue?image

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