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Extracting different date formats from same table

I am extracting data from a web table. One of the columns contains dates formatted like this: 24/11/2019.

The dates are extracted correctly. (They are showing with the same formatting in the data table)  But, when the robot is writing the data into excel, the date formatting is changed, but only for some of the rows, not all.  

So for some rows the dates are written into Excel like this:  24.11.19 (Formatted like a date), and for other rows the dates are written in like this 24/11/2019 (Formatted like text)

It looks like an Excel issue, but I have no idea what can cause it. Any ideas?

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Hello Peter,

Do you write the data into a newly created excel or do you append the data in an already existing excel sheet?

Additionally, have you checked the data type of the "Date" values? are they indeed categorized as DayTime data type upon the extraction? ( Usually the values are extracted as text)

Maybe you should convert text to DayTime type before writing the data into the excel 

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