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Process Studio and Process Designer UI suggestions


This isn't really a support request, more a small wishlist but I didn't know where to post.

There are two things;

1. In Process Studio, if a process is selected (clicked once), and you try to double-click the same process, it goes straight to renaming the process, instead of opening it. 

Windows(OS) has the same behavior, where you can rename files this way too, but if you double-click fast enough it opens it. In Process Studio, it would be nice, if a selected process also could be opened with a fast double-click.

I know, that I can open a selected process, if I double-click on the icon to the left of a process, but it would be nice, if I didn't have to think where to click, if I need to open a selected process. I have done this soo many times.


2. Lastly a scrolling wish in Process Designer. When a process is big enough, sometimes the top gets alot of functions, and not all are shown, so I need to push the small left-right arrow buttons, to find the function I need to access.
It would be nice, if I could use the scroll-wheel of the mouse, to go left and right between the functions.


I know this isn't something you can fix quickly, but I thought you should know that it would be nice, if it could be done at some point. :)

Kind regards

This post was created by the Softomotive Support Team. Thank you Laasi Lundblad for the suggestion!

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Hello Laasi,

Thank you for your recommendation. Let me have this passed on as a feature request to our product team, which will evaluate and prioritize the request accordingly.

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