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SMTP password to be retrieved via CMD line in WinAutomation global Error Handling settings

We have a situation where we want WinAutomation to automatically change the password of the account that it runs on.

This is because the password policy requires it to be reset every certain amount of time.

This is okay and we have developed a solution that runs a PowerShell script to do the update. We also use a .bat file to retrieve the user password via CMD line in the Authentication tab of the WinAutomation settings.

The problem, however, is the fact that the user account is attached to an AD and changing the password actually changes the password of the email account used for error messages. This means that the password in WinAutomation Options > Error Handling > Email/SMTP needs to be changed as well. 

But this field does not support retrieving the password via a CMD line. And WinAutomation is not able to update its own windows.

We think it would make a lot of sense to include the possibility of using a CMD line to retrieve this password from a .bat file as well.

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Hello Agnius,

Thank you for your recommendation. Let me have this passed on as a feature request to our product team, which will evaluate and prioritize the request accordingly.

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