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Automating Office 365/Exchange Online Powershell with Modern Auth

I have a couple of regular processes where I am pulling CSVs from Office 365/Exchange Online through their Powershell that i want to automate and generate them on a regular (weekly) basis.  Right now, I am starting these manually. 

Our Office 365 tenant has Modern Authentication.  However, instead of the default Microsoft modern authentication, ours redirects to a Duo sign-in page in the modern auth window for Single Sign On, which is where we enter our credentials (picture attached).

Has anyone had any experience with automating tasks that use this?  I understand it's easier using Basic Authentication, but it's out of the question as we are not only phasing it out ourselves, Microsoft has depreciated, and is ending support for basic authentication as well. 

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Hello Steven, 

Have you tried using UI or other interactive actions to automate this part? 

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