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Provide the resulting OCR text for review

After an OCR completes, it would be helpful if the resulting text (generated by the OCR engine) could be dropped into a variable for review.  This would help to see which parts of the page the OCR engine was able to find and which it wasn't able to find.  This would speed process development because there are often more than one item that would work, time has to be invested to see which one the OCR engine can actually see.

Bonus enhancement: provide a screenshot of the page, with an overlay of the identified OCR text which can be toggled on and off.  This would be a very fast way to utilize this data, but just having the data would be enough.  

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Hello Karl,

Regarding your request, please elaborate further on this request about a variable for OCR data.

Presently, once the OCR Data is extracted, the output (resulting text generated by OCR engine) will be stored in a variable ("%OCRText%" by default).

This variable can be viewed from the variables pane.

Are you referring to this variable? please clarify.

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Having the OCRText available from all OCR actions would help, but this workaround will meet the need.  Thanks.

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