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Make "Edit Queue" window, and others, expandable

On the "Edit Queue" window, in Control Desk, there is a fixed size to this window (this window cannot be manually expanded).  This has made it impossible to see which process is selected in the "Process To Start" drop down, due to the length of the folder path (the process name is at the very end of the path and is cut off).

We need for any window like this, that includes drop downs, to be expandable (expandable similar to how the Execute SQL Statement window is expandable in Process Studio).  This will allow us to keep processes in sub-folders, but still be able to select them in drop downs like this.

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Hello Karl, 

Thank you for your recommendation...

This feature is already in the roadmap of our tool and it'll be deployed in the future.

As and when it's deployed you'll find the updates about this and other features in the Announcements section.

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