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Automate <input:file> File Selection in Form

I have a form on a site that has two <input:file> fields where you click and then browse/select a file. Pretty standard stuff. My initial assumption was that you could do a "Press Button on Web Page" on the field and then a "Populate Text Field in Window" to add the path to the file.  I've tried using a browser click event in Chrome, IE and WinAutomation browsers and the window to browse/select a file opens, but the Process gets hung up until I manually select a file. I've tried to cheat around that by doing a "click" on the field with JS, but same result as above. I've tried to directly insert the path of the file into the field and that just fails. Is there no way to automate this part of the form or am I missing something? 

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Facing this same issue with youtube

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It appears that browsers won't let you automate a file upload. In my case, I can work around it due to having access to the dev who manages the site I'm using. He's agreed to change that field to something I can use. However, I am not sure how you would be able to do that with something you don't have control over like YouTube. 


Hi Joshua, in order to prevent the 'Process hanging' on the 'Press Button on Web Page' action, please uncheck the 'Wait for Page to Load ' box on the Advanced properties tab. 

So I did what you put above and the very first time, it worked. After that, it fails and I get the warning in the JS console "VM70:234 File chooser dialog can only be shown with a user activation.". 

I'm attempting to use the Press Button on Web Page or Click Link on Web Page function for that. 

please someone that could help solving this issue...???? i have same problem and i need some help!!

dear Joshua Furr, have you solved your inconvenience finally..____????

Was a solution reached for this problem? I have similar task that needs to be done.

I am facing same issue is there any solution/work around  for this?

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