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Invoke web service - 9000 request loop

Hi, I have an Excel sheet with just over 9000 3 column rows. Each column contains one word (text string).  The robot needs to loop thru this sheet and replace these three words in the request body for each loop. These words are part of the total request that is posted via API, there are some other words (text strings) in the request as well, but these are hardcoded and will never change.

The result for each API call need to be written into a different Excel sheet.

What will be the best way to have these three words replaced for every loop? Any suggestions?

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Hi Peter,

You can use the below flow of actions

This allows you to read the entire excel file and then iterate using a foreach loop. On each iteration the variable %row% will contain the file's entire current row. You can access the elements you want by specifying the index and add these elements into your invoke action. For example the %row[0]% is the first element of the current row.

Inside the iteration, you'll have to include the logic that updates the results into a new excel file.

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