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Limit folder access in Control Desk Processes Tab

Currently, folder access in Process Studio can be limited, as needed, within each role system.  If the Processes tab is granted to a role, however, that role can see all folders.  The Processes tab in Control Desk should honor the folder permissions granted to system roles too.  Thanks.

Hello Karl,

You can further modify the access to a folder for a specific role. Open the Control Desk, right click on a folder and select the "Security" option. Then, add the role you wish to further modify and check the permissions you want to deny (or allow):

By doing so, the "Developer" role in this example, will no longer be able to see the folder "1 - Beginner" in Process Studio.

Hi Konstantinos.  I have done this, and this seems to work for Process Studio.  In Control Desk, however, after the Processes tab to the account, it can see all folders/files.  It would be great if the Processes tab restricted access similar to how access is restricted in My Processes in Process Studio.

Try refreshing Control Desk on the user you want to restrict access after you make the changes in the "Security" options.

I made a developer role and gave permission to all the features. Then, from the "Security" option of the "1-Beginner" folder, I denied access to that role.

As a result, the following screenshot is from the Administrators point of view:

And the following from the Developer's point of view:

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