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Possible error in ’Get Files in Folder’ – Advanced options

There are at least one folder that I don't have access to in %Main_folder%. So I unchecked the option 'Fail upon denied access to any Subfolder'.

Then I get an error:

"Runtime Error: Cannot retrieve list of files in folder ...

System.IO.IOException: Der opstod en uventet netværksfejl.

   ved System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)

   ved System.IO.FileSystemEnumerableIterator`1.CommonInit()

   ved System.IO.FileSystemEnumerableIterator`1..ctor(String path, String originalUserPath, String searchPattern, SearchOption searchOption, SearchResultHandler`1 resultHandler, Boolean checkHost)

   ved System.IO.DirectoryInfo.InternalGetFiles(String searchPattern, SearchOption searchOption)

   ved WinAutomation.Actions.Runtime.FileFolderActions.GetItemsOfFolderIgnoringUnauthorizedAccess[T](DirectoryInfo initialDirectory, Func`2 getItemsOperation, Boolean searchSubFolders)

   ved WinAutomation.Actions.Runtime.FileFolderActions.GetFilesInFolder(Variant folder, Variant fileMask, Variant& listOfFiles, Boolean includeSubfolders, Boolean getResultInDataTable, String resultDataTableColumns, Boolean failOnAccessDenied)


But I have access to most folder in %Main_folder%.



Is there an error in the action?

Or what am I doing wrong?

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