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New ProcessRobot build - Version 2020.1



Version:  2020.1.0.3267 

General New Features

  • Users may be assigned Multiple Roles simultaneously; the resulting User permissions are the sum of all the assigned roles’ “Allow” permissions.
  • Multiple Active Directory Users may be imported and updated in ProcessRobot through Active Directory Groups.
  • Triggers can now be configured to retry after encountering an error.

Control Desk

  • Process Folders with custom Security options are now visible to roles with “Allow” permissions.
  • Search bar added to most Settings subtabs in the Control Desk Settings tab.

New Actions

  • “Active Directory” group of Actions allows direct interaction with Windows Active Directory.
  • “Ancora” group of Actions provides integration with the ancoraDocs document analysis and processing software.
  • “Amazon” Group of Actions directly integrates with cloud environments in the Amazon Web Services platform.
  • “Azure” group of Actions allows Users to directly automate cloud environments in the Azure platform.

Corrections and Improvements

  • Improved the way multiple License files are handled in a single ProcessRobot installation.
  • Changing a User Password when the “Remember Me” option is enabled no longer produces error messages.
  • “Logout after Process completion” option no longer affects all Robots in a BotStack.
  • The Sidebot window no longer opens when a BotStack Solobot attempts to login.
  • SoloBots are no longer stuck in a “Waiting For Login” state when the previous RDP session had been disconnected.
  • Intensive use of Queues no longer causes issues with SQL Server.
  • Silent installation consisting of only one Robot now works as intended.
  • Updating to the latest Version no longer fails when there are SoloBots which are not assigned to a machine.
  • File Monitor Filter now recognizes regex related symbols, such as ~$, as simple characters.
  • Checker Process no longer runs twice when the Robot is disconnected during the execution of the Maker Process.
  • Logging out from Windows no longer causes queued Processes to fail.
  • An appropriate entry is added to the Audit logs when a Schedule fires and its Execution Target is not available.
  • Macro Recorder now uses the “Populate Text Field in Window” Action where appropriate.
  • All information is now properly logged by the "Log Message" Action on SoloBots.
  • Custom User Actions no longer crash when running under a different ProcessRobot Server.
  • Deleting a Process after discarding it from Production no longer prevents the parent folder from being deleted.
  • License Utilization in the Home tab of the Control Desk now displays the correct number of licenses.
  • The status of Queue Items of Processes is now updated as expected.
  • Warning logs created by BotStack are now generated correctly.
  • Improved stability of the Automation Browser.
  • Performance of SAP automation improved.
  • Decryption of an encrypted Variable no longer produces empty spaces in the end result.
  • Pager elements now work properly during Web Extraction.
  • The Timeout option in the Upload Document to CaptureFast Action now works as expected.
  • Extracting text from PDF files now works as intended.
  • Exception Handling in “Launch New Internet Explorer” Action now functions as expected.
  • Regions and Comments are now allowed in Switch blocks.
  • Exporting reports from Dashboard Viewer is now possible.

Please contact your account manager to get more information and the download links!  

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