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Set Dropdown List

We use winautomation to populate forms on a website.

There is a dropdown list that countains postal code in the follow format:

(postal code) "-" (city)

3510 - city

2400 - city

The source where we get the information to fill in the form only has the postal code. So if i edit the set dropdown list on webpage to take the postal code and enter it here. This doesn't work. It expect the complete format with "-" and (city).

If i fill in the form by hand. I can just type the postal code and it takes it.

It there a wildcard that i can use in the function. So that it inputs the postal code and whatever comes after doesn't matter.

I hope this is clear :)

Kind regards,


Best Answer

This technique works quite well for me:



There might be a smarter way, but...

You can probably Get Details of Web Page, then do some Parse Text magic to find all the dropdown list items, which you would then loop through to find the correct "postal code - city" string.

Hi Henrik,

Thank you so much for your replay. I tested your solution. I get stuck with the Get Details of Web Page.

When i run this function, the variable show only the first value of the dropdown list.

I think i need something like a wildcard.


This technique works quite well for me:



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