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Version Number of Process

 Hi, is there a way to access (and log) a version number of the process that is currently running? Alternatively, could I somehow access the "last modified" attribute of the service?

We are trying to find a way to automatically version our processes, since we have many customers that are running different versions, which is getting harder to keep track of.

The best solution we could come up so far is a variable containing a number which has to be incremented manually with each release. This seems quite error prone.

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Hello Simon.

Thank you for your message.

May I ask, which software are you using? ProcessRobot or WinAutomation?

In ProcessRobot there is version control built in as a feature. Every time we "Save and Commit" a process, we are prompted to enter the version. When we export the process, the version is exported as well.

If you are using WinAutomation, you would need to use a workaround in order to keep track of the versions. You can either create a variable or just a comment in the beginning of the script.

I hope the above makes sense.

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