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Invoke Web Service: POST Method

Hello, everybody. I have so far successfully used the Invoke Web Service feature to communicate with Vtiger APIs that require the GET method.


Unfortunately I'm having problems with the POST method.

In theory, the correct request url should be:

https://vtiger/webservice.php?operation=create&sessionName=%CurrentSession%&element=({"lastname": Test01, "assigned_user_id": 11x1})&elementType=Contacts

But if i just put that in the URL like the other methods that i succesfully used it gives me an error. I found in a vtiger forum a user saying this:

"Managed to figure it out. Needed to do a full -body insertion in the WebRequest and make the entire body details be from a hashtable which includes every single element in the URL past the webservice.php point. Hopefully this helps someone else out there trying to work with VT API."

How can i translate this with Winautomation? Thanks!

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