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Zoho CRM Dropdown Menu Selections Not Working

I am really stuck with selecting options from Dropdown Menus in Zoho CRM. 

It will open the selections, but then I can't select anything. My head is spinning from trying every option I can see. 

The only thing that works is to open the dropdown and then use a mouse click at a coordinate. But that approach is very unreliable.

Anyone work with Zoho dropdowns?

(89.3 KB)
(124 KB)
(90.9 KB)

This is what I got back from support, but honestly, it's all Greek to me. I am have programming background, but was hoping WinAutomation would keep me from having to get super into the weeds for simple tasks like selecting an option from a dropdown menu. Does everyone else have to get in the weeds for their processes? Does anyone have a better way to do it?


Thank you for reaching out to us.

Regarding the issue you're facing, please note that this seems to be a selector issue (as shown in the screenshot 2).

The fact that the drop down opens up, shows that WinAutomation is able to interact with the web application.

Next, the task would be to get the appropriate control in place to perform the click action.

To get the selector correctly, you might have to play around with its CSS attributes. You can do so until the correct element is selected. The following articles may help you do the same,

What is a CSS Selector

Building UI Selectors - Beginner guide

For clicking the element, you may try using any one of click element/press button actions (since the selecting menu option didnt work).


Furthermore, a very good resource is our Knowledge base Articles and Community Forums, where several topics and issues are discussed and resolved, ready-to-run scripts are provided, and many inquiries and issues are listed. You may refer to these forums which would help you work with the selectors better.


Hope this helps.


If you need any further assistance or information, please let me know.

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I recommend you to use the Zoho API to interact with that site. Seems like selectors can be a little tricky.

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