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Enable/disable info window when process started

I recently encountered a situation where info window (bottom right corner overlay window that appears upon starting a process, with 'stop process' link) prevented robot from clicking a button that was behind the window. The button was on a windows form, not web.

More so, the problem only appeared when starting the process from Control Desk and robot's resolution changed. During the development, on higher resolution, everything worked fine.

The fact that this info window is able to block pressing/clicking of elements behind it came to me as quite a shock. This should not be happening.

Anyway, my suggestion is to implement an option to prevent info window from popping-up.

Whether through a control in the robot or an option in process properties, but the latter might be a better option, though.

I really hope you will seriously consider this because it is quite a non-intuitive situation and first-time debugging requires a lot of time unnecessarily.

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