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Outlook action - sender's email

Using retrieve email messages from outlook, how do I save the sender's email in another variable? I tried using %CurrentItem.From% but the email does not appear.


Hello Krislayne,

the "Retrieve email messages from Outlook" action returns a List of Outlook messages. In order to access a property of one of items of the list you need to refer to the item with the index and the property, for example %RetrievedEmails[0].From%

Otherwise, in case you would like to use %CurrentItem.From%  you need a For Each loop in order to store the Outlook email messages into a CurrentItem.

Hi, thanks for replying!

I did it this way, but it didn't work. The list comes with some strange information and does not contain the sender. I did the exact same thing using Email> Retrieve Emails and it worked.

Thank you!

I have the same issue. I think what WinAutomation is getting is the Exchange email format called x500. I tried using WA's "Send Email" and "Send Email Through Outlook" actions and both are unable to recognize x500. I am not sure if there's a PS script out there that can be used to workaround this.

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