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Opera Plugin

Make Chrome Extension work with Opera:

Winautomation Extension Chrome:

Can you please make Web Recorder also get to work with Opera Browser.
Also  do you think you can make it work to export it as a html or webpage code that works with Opera Browser Speed Dial. So I can link it there and only have to click onto that page and it automatically search for me.

1. Please make Opera also work with WinAutomation Extension.

That's correct.

2. When you open for the first time Opera you will see the Speed Dial.

This is a frontpage with possibility too add custom urls and even offline .html documents.

When creating an .exe you can only open the .exe from the desktop or folder.

But what I love too see to have the pages added inside the opera speed dial so the deal is the exe has to be converted into a html document.

3. Let's say I click on the Main Page and click on the link from the Speeddial from Opera then example this would happen.

1. Go to

2. Search a picture of animal example a tigger.

So it basically search automatically with Opera Speed Dial so I don't have to open everythime the exe folder or winautomation instead,

-" This post was created by the Softomotive Support Team. Thank you DJ for the suggestion!”

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