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for ProcessRobot and WinAutomation

New WinAutomation build - Version 9.1


General New Features:

  • Triggers can now be configured to retry after encountering an error.
  • "External ID" field added to Process Properties.

New Actions:

  • “Active Directory” group of Actions allows direct interaction with Windows Active Directory.
  • “Ancora” group of Actions provides integration with the ancoraDocs document analysis and processing software.
  • “Amazon” Group of Actions directly integrates with cloud environments in the Amazon Web Services platform.
  • “Azure” group of Actions allows Users to directly automate cloud environments in the Azure platform.

Improvements & Fixes:

  • Improved stability of the Automation Browser.
  • Pager elements now work properly during Web Extraction.
  • “Error message” property added to “Exception” type Variables.
  • The Timeout option in the Upload Document to CaptureFast Action now works as expected.
  • Extracting text from PDF files now works as intended.
  • Exception Handling in “Launch New Internet Explorer” Action now functions as expected.
  • “Continue anyway” option in the “Start Process” Action now functions as intended.
  • “Wait For Window” Action no longer causes RAM usage to rise.
  • “Set Dropdown list value on Web page” Action now supports parentheses.
  • Database Actions now support the TinyInt data type.
  • Files used in the "Extract Text with OCR" Action are no longer considered in use after the Action has finished.
  • Regions and Comments are now allowed in Switch blocks.

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