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Launch New Chrome action problem

Hi! I´m using the "launch new chrome" action and it doesn´t work properly. Sometimes, almost always, the action opens many windows with no clear reason. 

Reply is aprriciated,



Hello Andres,

Please note that this is a troubleshooting issue, so I have created a ticket to the Support for you.

I will get back to you shortly with suggestion regarding the issue you are confronting. 

Thank you for your understanding. 


I have similar problem.

Launching new chrome opens  chrome browser but action in WinAutomation can't recognize that and throws exception

Similarly attaching to existing browser, even though web browser is opened, action in WinAutomation can't recognize it and throws exception that there is no chrome instance opened.

I use WinAutomation 8.0.3.


Hello Wawrzyniec,

Thank you for being an active member in our forum.

Please note that the Feature Request Forum is for feature requests only.

Please install chrome extension to your machine and it should work.

If the issue remains, please create a Support ticket and we will handle the issue there.

Thank you for your understanding.


Hi Andres,

Please let me know if you have configured the following settings in Chrome:
Configure Google Chrome 

Google Chrome extended configuration 



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