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Smart Error Handling Without Breakign the Routine

Hi Guys

I have a big winautomation routine that should not be broken by an exception.

If an exception happens, I would like to:

1) Winautomation Send me an Email with all variables (variable dump at the moment of error)

2) Go to end of the block to past to the next item in the loop of the routine

My main problem is error reporting (1), The  typical error email is sometimes not enough information, like : text is not a number, etc. because I cant find what place exactly in the excel had the problem

My idea is:

Run Function with a dump of all Variable, since a  process can have 100s of variables, is there a way to to auto dump all variables at once, so that I can reuse it as function in the exception block in any process?

I need a variables dump

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I have the same need, it would be very useful to get an extract of current variables to trace the error.

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