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Drawing a Sierpinsky Triangle in paint

I gave myself a couple of exercises to get familiar with WA. This exercise goes as follows:

1: Draw 3 dots in paint, forming an isosceles triangle (lets call the triangle corners A, B and C).

2: Choose any starting point (inside or outside the triangle)

3: Let WA choose a random corner. Draw a new point halfway between that corner, and the current point (first current point is of course the starting point).

4: Repeat step 3 for at least 2000 points.

I didn't realize it when making the exercise, but this is actually a very specific mathematical construction. Try it out, and get overwhelmed by the Illuminati feeling :)


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Cool! Looks pretty! :-) very interesting

Glad you like it, it is of course mostly for fun, but it's also a good exercise. I also posted a more complicated drawing, the "Barnsley Fern".

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