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Accessing a list of the ControlDesk credentials in the Process Robot database


Some of the passwords for the accounts that we use in our processes, expire from time to time, and we are looking into a solution that would warn us of an expiring password ahead of time. And since some of our processes only run e.g. once a year, I'd rather not build the functionality into the individual processes, but either create a process for this purpose itself, or create another trigger.

Is it possible for us to access the Credentials List in any way, so that we could extract a list of e.g. those credentials with a specific sutom-named "tag", like "expirationdate"?

This would allow me to occasionally check the expirationdates of the passwords (for those credentials tagged with an 'expirationdate') against the current date, at runtime.

NB: A simple 'expiration' check-box (with a mandatory field for either expiration-date or number of days, when checked) on each credential in ControlDesk, and the added option of e.g. E-mail notification x days ahead of time for all expiring passwords, would certainly be a nice feature in ProcessRobot. ;)

-" This post was created by the Softomotive Support Team. Thank you  Stanley Brøns for the suggestion!”
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