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Improve the Scheduling Layout and Look


I have some suggestions how the usability of the Controldesk can be improved:

Implement a proper calendar for the Scheduling, which includes all Solobots, as well as all processes scheduled including there maximum running time (as blocks). 

This would significantly simplify the schedule process and help maximize production time. The idea is just as having a calendar in Outlook with several calendar layers (Solobots) above each other in different colors.

Best regards 

Timo Kaiser


Hello Timo,

Thank you for your suggestion.

Just to get a better understanding of what you're saying, could you elaborate on how this would simplify the scheduling process?
Are there any challenges that you face currently with the current scheduling setup?


from my perspective the scheduling is not very user friendly. It lacks an overview and you don't get collision warnings of time slots. My solution would look like the excel calendar with an overlay of the different SoloBots (see attached example).This would help a lot to make planing easier and safer.

Best regards,

Timo Kaiser


Hello Timo,

Thank you for clarifying it and sharing the example. 

Let me have this passed on as a feature request to our product team, who will evaluate and prioritize the request accordingly.



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