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for ProcessRobot and WinAutomation

New WinAutomation build - Version 9.2


General New Features:

  • WinAutomation now supports Microsoft Edge for Web Automation.
  • A Master Key has been introduced to encrypt all passwords and processes.
  • A Microsoft Power Automate license can be used to authenticate and use WinAutomation.

New Actions:

  • Action “Launch New Edge browser” has been added.

Improvements & Fixes:

  • Processes that include sensitive data Actions now require an encryption password during export.
  • Connect to Capturefast Action now throws an error in case of invalid Username or Password.
  • Password retrieval no longer supports the “via command line” option for Autologin and Email and Exchange Triggers.
  • WinAutomation issues on VMware Horizon have been resolved.
  • Issue with Automatic Logging records when filtered by Process has been resolved.
  • Issue with “Close Window” action that could not find Window has been resolved.
  • Web related Actions have been enhanced with the option to accept untrusted certificates in order to proceed with the Action.
  • Status Monitor Icon used to cause User Agent to crash on Windows 7 with ESU.
  • WinAutomation memory management has been improved.
  • Schedules used to show the next scheduled run as “N/A” for February 29 on a leap year.
  • Emails with attachments with no 'Content-Disposition: attachment' header are now recognized.
  • Issue with processes getting stuck in “Get Details of Element on Web Page” actions on web pages that were no longer active has been resolved.
  • Variables of Null Value type used to affect the external variables of a process.
  • Issue with editing and exporting upgraded Processes has been resolved.
  • Issue while exporting password-protected processes has been resolved.

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