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vbscript Action is not running

I ran a script that opens Excel file through vbscript Action, but it does not run. Security settings have been set in Excel, but do I need to change anything else?

( However, it is run in Run Excel Macro Action )

Please help me. 

thank you :)

(84 KB)

ohh.. that file is empty. 

See this file.

thank you

(84 KB)

I have the same problem, my sample file doesn't work either. (no error appears but it does not show any results either)

i executes your waj on my machine changing it to launch my excel file and it worked

make sure your windows scripting host - vbscript is working properly on your machine

1)  go to windows, command prompt. type cscript

     it should find it


2) if found, set cscript as default, by entring below at windows command prompt

     cscript //H:cscript

ok i did the steps but it doesn't work


No error no result


if i make the same code in an external file it works


Can you show screen shot of contents of run vbscript action ?



The display input action outputs a variable of type text and so your %userinput% is type text being passed into the vbscript for usage on the statement where it must be a number. . There is also the potential that when you entered the number in the input dialog action, if spaces are entered before or after the digit(s) this will be non-numeric text. . Follow input message action with a convert text to number action to convert %UserInput% to a variable od type number. This should solve the issue.

well i already converted user input to number but nothing


I suggest opening a support ticket to resolve this.
You can also try adding as 1st line of vbscript .... On error resume next . This may give an error message in the vberrorout variable.

Thanks, I will do it

Do you run with windows administrator account logon ? If not, this might be the issue.

yes i am administrator



It worked for me, when I tested on on my machine,  I suggest that you open a ticket to report your issue and indicate to support the winautomation or processrobot version that you have installed and the  windows version that your using,

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